Hai, In the Beginning

First Week (1-4 July)

I did a silly mistake at the first day. Full of spirit, i came at 7.30. I wait and wait. Until someone came and told me that magazine crew usually came around 11 o’clock. It’s kinda piss me off, but it’s my mistake anyway.

Finally i met with the Editor-in Chief at 12.30 something, Dani Satrio. And guess what, i talked with him less than 30 second, and he told me to met my “supervisor,” Ryo. He’s the one who responsible for internship like me.

After introduction with all staff, it’s decided that i will stick with the online for a month and another month at magazine. Not bad.

I just translated some news, mainly about worldcup and movies. It took me until Saturday to go to the field. There are 3 events, about Indonesian Youth Conferences forum dan their Festival at Salihara, and the third is about goal for charity from Yahoo! It’s very tiring, but i’m happy.

And so the first week ended.

Oh, by the way i ended it with something bad. I lost my motorcycle key at Salihara! It succes to make me panic, but luckily the security found my key and kept it. Really owe them a lot. Thx Sir!

neh balon gede banget, klo pake tiup ga bakal bisa

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