A Letter To You

Why do I tell you this story?

I hope you can see there’s a light in the end of the tunnel, that God never turn His face from His children. When I see you, sometimes I see a man with so much anger and bitterness in his heart, a boy with his high idealistic view but when faced with reality sometimes became a man with skeptical view, and when you think you have seen and heard enough, well my little bro, what you see and hear is not all it is.

I’m so concern and worried about your relationship with God, about your spiritual life, but it’s a very personal thing, just between you and God, and I can only pray for you. In this truly dark and broken world holding onto God’s hand and resting our head in His shoulder is our true and honest shelter. I hope you can love Him more.

Last, I also want to tell you to learn to be patient and not be that emotional in many thing. You are a very bright and critical person but sometimes you let your emotion rule out your bright mind and I know sometimes how you regret it so much. You are a warm man and it’s a very good thing, but you have to learn to control you emotion.

Fly away and chase your dream, you youthful being.

-a message, written by her to him


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a mediocre. love to read and write.

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