Why We Should Have ‘Revolusi Mental’ in Our Reading Habit

by: Harry Febrian This article was first published on the Global Indonesian Voices Being a lecturer, there’s a sense of horror occupying my mind every time a new semester starts. This feeling, which I believe is also experienced by most of my fellow lecturers, is due to one simple reason: how to convince the students […]

Indonesia’s Small Acts of Defiance Can be Big Blow for IS

by: Harry Febrian this article was first published in The Jakarta Post Everybody was shocked by the attack in Jakarta on Jan. 14 that resulted in the deaths of eight people, including the alleged perpetrators, and dozens injured. Suddenly, Jakarta became the center of the world’s attention. Terrorism is complicated and sometimes hard to define. Jeffrey […]

In Fighting Radicalism, We Must Go Beyond Censorship

by: Harry Febrian this article was first published in The Jakarta Post The government’s move to ban websites allegedly promoting radical views should come as no surprise. After being bombarded by several extremist-related problems, such as the group of Indonesians who attempted to cross over to Syria via Turkey and the broadcast of videos in the […]

“Jurnalisme” Obor Rakyat

Oleh: Harry Febrian (Dimuat di situs Satu Harapan, 23 Juni 2014) Belakangan ini linimassa di media sosial seperti Facebook dan Twitter cukup ramai dengan masalah tabloid Obor Rakyat. Ini sebuah publikasi tak jelas yang mendadak dikirimkan ke berbagai tempat yang merasa tidak pernah memesannya. Mulai dari Bandung, Kediri, hingga Madiun. Sejumlah pesantren juga jadi sasaran. […]


Modern superhero is an illusion. No matter how great we are, one man show is nothing but a rarity. We are bound to, as Bernard of Chartres put it, perched on the shoulders of giants. Modern superhero is an illusion, because in them, the shoulders are hidden. Or perhaps, a house will make a better […]