Modern superhero is an illusion.

No matter how great we are, one man show is nothing but a rarity. We are bound to, as Bernard of Chartres put it, perched on the shoulders of giants. Modern superhero is an illusion, because in them, the shoulders are hidden.

Or perhaps, a house will make a better metaphor. You’ll never have that wonderfully decorated blue wall without a foundation to support it. I remember vividly, whenever I go with my father to oversee the building he build, the foundation will be one of the most discussed topic.

Have you dig deep enough? Is the strongest column prepared yet? Do you double-check the measurement?

These tell us something obvious. Whatever you’re looking—or maybe admiring-at, there is always something behind. Things that are more than what meets the eye. Things that sustain.

A supporters. 

It’s lovely to see how Merriam Webster defines this simple word. To support is to endure quietly. What beautiful about supporters is that they don’t act so the world can see them. But rather, to make us see everything wonderful but themselves. Supporters is selfless.

One warm afternoon in Taipei, I was once again reminded of this. Every year, in the end of their study, thousands of student who took music as their major, have to do a solo performance as a prerequisite to their graduation. I was asked to help the documentation process. It was a wonderful performance. The soloist is beautiful, with her high-pitched voices. She has a long black hair, and wear a pretty dresses—that she changed several times during the break.

The concert was very delightful. And these short photo essays is dedicated to all the supporters. For those who carries her on their shoulders, quietly.


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